Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Experienced in Music, drama, Theatre Studies and Fashion Buying, I have come to realise that
all these elements have accumulated in the basic fundamentals of my chosen direction in 
Fashion Design. This direction was nurtured and informed in my family setting.  Having both 
Artists and Graphic Designers in my immediate environment, means that inspiration and 
creativity is on tap. I have currently completed a BA in fashion design at Limerick School of Art 
and Design, Limerick Institute Of Technology, Ireland. I feel that the course has developed and 
strengthened my existing skills and built on these foundations. The course has given me an
inspiring education, which will enable me to enter my chosen career with a complete skill set to 

My strengths rest in the combination of Textures, Pattern and Fabrics. The coming together of 
traditional design teachings with the fusion of business focus is preparing me for a career in 
fashion. I have high aims for the future.

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