Thursday, 28 November 2013


Six horses, six personalities, one night”
As far back as I can remember my relationship with horses has been the bones of my life. The 
collection was inspired by a short story in which I wrote about the struggles in which six horses 
overcame while trying to escape their evil master. Having trouble with both the structures and 
freedoms of life. Each horse’s personality portrays her own personal challenges and dynamics in 
life, starting off with the young lively cheeky ponies to the older more life lived horse. The 
garments emulate their personalities and challenges during their adventure, ‘The Escape’.

I finds using diverse textures complement the body and allow a natural balance to occur. I wanted
the collection to be electric, eclectic, edgy, elegant, chic and demure. This six-piece collection 
offers six different personalities an overall look that challenges daywear.

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